Saturday, April 18, 2015

Sourdough Semolina Flax Seed Boule

Sourdough Bread, Sourdough Semolina, Flax Seed Boule

Bread baking has become one of my favorite culinary pursuits. In fact, I recently was watching an episode of @TheTodayShow and  they were quoting the results of a survey about what leads to greater hapiness. It wasn't a lot of money or great professional success, but instead little things in life and one of the things that made the list was the smell of fresh baked bread. When the bread is in the oven baking and starts to perfume my whole apartment, a smile does come on my face subconsciously so I am not surprised by these results.

Here is another bread recipe to put a smile on your face.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Kid's Delight - Creamy Foods

It's time for my annual co-hosting of Srivalli's event Kid's Delight and I have selected the theme of creamy foods I think creamy foods are the ultimate comfort food. From custards and puddings to ice cream, these have been some of my favorite foods since childhood.

Is it the texture or the mouth feel..I don't know, but I actually have creamy food cravings and if there is no puddings or ice cream in the house, thank God there is almost always some yogurt in my fridge.

Create some comforting creamy food recipes that were your favorite as a child or is now your child's favorite. Even savory creamy foods will be allowed - mac & cheese, long as it's perfect comfort food creaminess. Can't wait to see all the new recipes for me to try.


  • Recipes should be posted from April 16th - May 15th. Archived entries are accepted if they are updated as a new post with logo.
  • Posts most include a link to both this page here and Valli's page.
  • Logo is mandatory.
  • Multiple entries are accepted.
  • Add your post to the Linky Tool below. Non-bloggers are welcome to submit entries if they submit the recipe and a photo to me via email at mireille(at)eastwestrealm(dot)com.
  • Both Veg and non-Veg recipes are accepted.
  • Follow me on Twitter and Tweet the post to me @ChefMireille with the hashtag #KidsDelight and I will retweet your post. (optional)

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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Aehobakjeon (Korean Zucchini Pancakes) for #FoodoftheWorld


This month Food of the World is celebrating Korean food. I remember the first time I tried Korean food many years ago and I was shocked by how spicy it was.

A friend of mine was at work on a Saturday. A few of us were planning on going out to dinner, but when we arrived she was stuck waiting on a lab result, so the rest of us decided we would go and buy some take out and we would eat with her at her office, while she waited for the results. Her office was inside the Empire State Building, which is just a few blocks from NYC's Koreatown. None of us had ever had Korean food before and we decided it was a good time to try it. We purchased several dishes so we could share them and taste different Korean food options. My friend who cannot tolerate spicy food at all ended up not being able to eat anything - after just a few bites from any of the dishes, her mouth was on fire. I was able to eat most of the dishes, except for one.

Choereg - Armenian Easter Bread for #BreadBakers

Choereg, Easter Bread, Armenian Bread

Spring means Easter for many. Rich, sweet breads high in butter content and eggs are one of the traditional foods served at this time, especially in Europe. This month's Bread Bakers theme are Easter/Springtime Breads. I discovered this Armenian bread flavored with vanilla and mahleb. Mahleb is a spice made from cherries used often in Near Eastern and Middle Eastern countries. I had purchased mine about a year ago to  make a Cypress bread recipe in my We Knead to Bake group, but never got around to making the bread. I would finally get around to using my  mahleb.

#TravelTuesday - Issue 1 - Kansas City Lodging - 816 Hotel

816 Hotel, Kansas City Hotel, Kansas City Lodging
This blog is going through an overhaul and a major rebranding upcoming in a few weeks. Lots of changes will be coming to bring you more dynamic and varied content. From now on, Tuesdays will be Travel Tuesday here. Every Tuesday you will find travel information including lodging, sights, restaurant reviews, foodie highlights and more from New York and beyond...

Come along and join me for the ride to global destinations as we discover the world together!!!

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Freekeh Chicory Pilaf with Shallots & Chicken Sausage #OnePotDish

Freekeh Chicory Pilaf

Freekeh has become really popular in the last few years. This green wheat has a mild, nutty taste and is a healthy #wholegrain alternative to rice. After a recent visit to Kansas City where pistachios are more reasonably priced than they are in my home city, I was able to complete this delicious meal with the crunchy pistachio garnish.

This dish has varying textures and flavors that make it a complex and palate pleasing dish. Spicy, sweet, salty and smoky...all at the same time.

Although this is a Middle Eastern type of preparation with the inclusion of dried fruit and nuts, I added a little Peruvian flavor into this dish by using one of my favorite pepper pastes. You can substitute your favorite spicy pepper paste like harissa or sambal olek if you prefer.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Chicken Pakora - #GlutenFree Indian Meatballs

Chicken Meatballs from

An impromptu trip to Kansas City to attend a blogging conference has left my readers without a new recipe in over a week...well the suspense ends. Here is one I cooked up before I left I am sure you will love as much as I did!

I recently started working with an organization providing after school hands on nutrition and culinary classes for kids aged 8-14. I am having such a blast teaching eager young minds about different cultures and cooking. The younger kids especially are so open and are having fun while simultaneously learning about the dining habits, languages and culinary traditions of countries around the world.

However one thing I must be very mindful of is food allergies. Before each school signs on, I get a list of which kids have food allergies. In each class, there will usually be at least one student who can't eat eggs or dairy.

The Indian way of preparing fritters are perfect to accommodate these food allergies. Instead of using eggs and breadcrumbs to bind fritters and other similar items, chickpea flour and water is used instead. This makes the Indian method perfect for those with egg intolerance as well as gluten intolerance. As well as using it to bind ingredients in a meatball, you can also use chickpea flour and water to form a slurry, therefore, you can dip whatever you are frying in it to coat, just as you would use the egg for example, in a fried chicken recipe.

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