Saturday, October 18, 2014

Paneer Mirch

Rajasthani Paneer Mirch

Since the Indian side of my family is said to originate in Rajasthan, I am always interested to learn more Rajasthani recipes and I wanted to represent recipes form 3 different North Indian states for my theme this week of North Indian side dishes. Since we've already done Punjab and Kashmir this week, it's time to more on to Rajasthan, the land of Kings. Although paneer is not as popular in Rajasthan as it is in Punjab, I was able to find this paneer recipe from the Rajasthan city of Jodhpur.

This is a very spicy curry, so feel free to adapt it to your own palate. It is a semi-dry curry and goes great with steamed Basmati rice.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Party Time

My last post was my 1000th published post and it is a great milestone I can't let it go without a big celebration. It's holiday season, so this event is going to last until Christmas...

What do I like the most...well I have been on a bread baking kick and I love tropical ingredients. So you have two options:
- make a cake, pie or specialty pastry perfect to impress my guests for the holiday season...but it must include one of my favorite ingredients:
  • mango
  • coconut (or coconut milk)
  • pumpkin
  • sweet potato
  • sweet plantains
- or any yeast risen bread that I can serve with my Christmas dinner. As I've mentioned before, I will be having house guests and I need some new ideas for the Christmas meal I am planning.

Chole Adraki - Ginger Chickpeas

Punjabi Chole

This week my BM theme is North Indian side dishes. Many people don't realize how regionalized Indian cuisine is and often throw it all into one genre. However, there is great variety between the states of India and even a larger divide between the cuisines of North and South Indian states. This week you will get a North Indian side dish from 3 different states perfect to accompany rice or roti (Indian flat bread).

Every state has their own version of chole, basically a stewed chickpea dish with spices. This first side dish of the week is from the state most often represented in Indian restaurants in the West - Punjab.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Walnut Wheat Bread for World Bread Day

For those who didn't know, today is World Bread Day as well as World Food Day. Who comes up with these made up "holidays" I don't know, but as a food blogger, I embrace them. It's just another excuse to show you a delicious recipe with a theme. For the 9th annual World Bread Day, I present you with a delicious all purpose sandwich bread to replace your basic wheat.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Rijstpap - Belgian Rice Pudding for #Food of the World

Belgian Rice Pudding, Belgium Rice Pudding

It's time for Food of the World again and this time, we are off to Belgium. I am very familiar with Belgium and especially Flanders, the Dutch speaking part of Belgium. My mother is from the Dutch Caribbean and much of her extended family lives in the Netherlands, which I have been visiting since I was a child. On one of my many trips to the Netherlands, we took a day trip to Belgium, visiting the Royal Palace and tasting lots of Belgian chocolate.

However, with such small countries like Belgium and the Netherlands, the cuisine's and style of cooking is very similar and most dishes cross the border. Despite my family living there since the 1970's, they eat very little Dutch food. When I visit, I mostly eat Surinamese, Antillean (from Aruba & Curacoa) and Indonesian food and even when we eat out, we most often visit Indonesian restaurants. The exceptions are street food and holiday food. One year I arrived on Christmas Day and was treated with so many delectable delights of both Dutch and Belgian origin, so I decided to make a common dessert you will see on both Dutch and Belgian holiday tables.

Grape Poppy Bread for #BreadBakers

Poppy Seed Bread, Grape Quick Bread, Tea Bread

Grapes are not a fruit commonly used in baked treats. My first attempt at using grapes in a dessert was when I made Grape Crisp here. Although it was good, I found it a bit too sweet. So when the Bread Baker's theme this month was decided as A Touch of the Grape, I knew I had to be very careful and not just substitute grape for another fruit in a recipe. We were allowed to use any form of the grape from raisins to wine and I ended up deciding upon grape jam.

I was first planning to make Schiacciata Alla Uva - which is a type of focaccia with grapes popular in Florence. However, work has been very busy and just did not have time to wait for a bread to rise and post this on time for the Bread Bakers deadline, so a quick bread was decided upon at the last moment. I thought the smoky element of poppy seeds would be a great contrast to sweet grape jam.

Monday, October 13, 2014

No Waste Food Challenge Roundup

Last month I hosted Elizabeth's No Waste Food Challenge, which challenged cooks to come up with recipes with those ingredients that might end up in the garbage. To avoid wasting that handful of spinach, over ripe bananas or cup of berries in the fridge, take a look at this delicious roundup for ideas.

Thank you for all of the wonderful entries

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